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We are professionals at obtaining life insurance for cancer survivors.

If you’ve had prostate cancer, our knowledge and expertise will help you find the right life insurance policy from top rated life insurance companies.

You may think that life insurance is not possible.  The reality is that most men are insurable soon after prostate cancer treatment, and in some cases, life insurance is available if you still have prostate cancer.

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What You Need to Know about Prostate Cancer Life Insurance Underwriting:

We work with prostate cancer survivors on a daily basis to help them secure life insurance.

There are a number of life insurance companies that specialize in prostate cancer life insurance underwriting.

Life insurance is available for Stage 1 and Stage 2 prostate cancer histories once you have completed all treatment, surgeries, etc.

Stage T3a prostate cancers may be insurable after a postpone period of 5+ years in most cases. In some cases when traditional life insurance is not available, a guaranteed issue life insurance policy may be an option.

In some instances, it may be possible to obtain life insurance if you are currently in a “watch and wait” treatment plan.  Watch and Wait is available from a number of companies for men age 70 or older, and there are certain scenarios where coverage may be available at a younger age.

One of our companies recently revised their guidelines for watch and wait in 2015, making coverage available for more insureds who meet the following guidelines.

If you were age 60 or older at the time of diagnosis, with a Gleason Score of 6 or less, with a cancer stage of Stage 1 or Stage 2, and your current PSA is 10 or less and has been stable for 3 years or longer, it is possible to obtain life insurance with a low substandard rating…previously this same scenario would be declined or require a flat extra expense added to the price.

Prostate Cancer Life Insurance Quote

How Do We Know What We Know About Prostate Cancer Life Insurance?

At, we are in constant contact with life insurance companies in order to have the most current prostate cancer underwriting information available.

My name is Michael J. Horbal.  As a manager of the largest life insurance distributor in the United States, my job was to help agents nationwide with their impaired risk life insurance cases, many were prostate cancer histories.

Recognizing the need for consumers to have an accurate resource for impaired risk life insurance information, I started this company in 2002 to help consumers like you find the right life insurance based on your unique health history.

As the number one impaired risk life insurance site in the U.S., we know which life insurance companies will be best for you based on your unique prostate cancer history.

We also know which life insurance companies will consider you if you are using the “watch and wait” prostate cancer treatment plan.

Prostate Cancer Life Insurance Quote

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed for men after skin cancer.  The availability and price for prostate cancer survivors life insurance depends on a number of factors including the following:

  • Age – Diagnosis after age 60 offers the most ideal situation.  Recent improvements to life insurance underwriting has opened up opportunities to men in their 40’s and 50’s.
  • PSA Level – Pre-treatment and Post-treatment PSA levels are needed.  Life insurance companies look for PSA levels less than 20 at time of diagnosis, and there are some niche programs offering better deals for PSA levels less than 10 at time of diagnosis.  
  • Prostate Cancer Stage – Prostate cancer is assigned a staging number based on the size and spread of prostate cancer.  Stage 1 and Stage 2 prostate cancers receive the most favorable underwriting.  Life insurance may be available for Stage 3a prostate cancers after a lengthy postpone period.
  • Gleason Score – The gleason score measures the aggressiveness of your prostate cancer. Gleason Scores of 6 are the most ideal. Gleason scores of 7 may include a flat extra expense depending on the length of time since completion of treatment and the age of the insured.  It is very difficult to obtain life insurance for a Gleason Score of 8 or greater, with long postpone periods after the completion of treatment.
  • Prostate Cancer Treatment -The type of prostate cancer treatment you had is a major factor in determining the availability of life insurance.  Life insurance underwriters are more aggressive with offers for radical prostatectomy histories, than for other types of treatment.

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How Prostate Cancer History Affects Your Life Insurance Rate:

Most life insurance companies will postpone you for a period of time after completion of prostate cancer treatment. 

The postpone period varies depending on how aggressive your prostate cancer was as well as the prostate cancer treatment used.  That postpone period may run 3-12 months or more depending on the above items.

Prostate cancer treatment such as Brachytherapy or external beam radiation require longer postpone periods compared to a radical prostatectomy.  

With radiation treatment, life insurance underwriters look for a PSA level that is less than 1 after treatment and remains there.  If your PSA level after radiation treatment continues to elevate, there needs to be definitive follow-up that rules out the recurrence of prostate cancer.

The most competitive prostate cancer survivor life insurance rates are available to men diagnosed with prostate cancer after age 60, where the PSA level was less than 20, the Gleason grade was less than 6, and the cancer was stage 1 prostate cancer or stage 2a or 2b prostate cancer. If the PSA level at time of diagnosis was 10 or less, offers may be even more aggressive.

Life insurance after prostate cancer is available to men who fall outside of these guidelines as well.  

Let us help you get the life insurance you need at an affordable rate.  We work for you not the insurance companies.


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