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           Do you have a Health Issue and need life insurance?

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Term life insurance pre existing conditions:

If you have a pre-existing condition and have tried to obtain term life insurance, you may already know how difficult and frustrating the life insurance underwriting process can be! 

The life insurance agent you dealt with may have quoted you one term life insurance rate, only to receive your life insurance approval at a different and higher life insurance rate! 

We can help you.  We are the impaired risk life insurance experts. 

We understand how health impairments affect your life insurance rates, we know which life insurance companies to work with and which life insurance companies to avoid.  We can help you with your term life insurance, universal life insurance or whole life insurance needs.

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       Were you declined for life insurance? 

We understand the pre-existing condition life insurance marketplace, also known as the impaired risk life insurance market. 

We know how to get you the life insurance you need at the best possible life insurance rates when you have a pre-existing condition and need life insurance. 

Have you been rated or declined for life insurance? 

We can help.  If you need term life insurance pre existing conditions will cost you more if you go to the wrong company. We’ll get you to the best impaired risk term life insurance companies available based on your specific pre-existing condition. 

There are some pre-existing conditions where an impaired risk life insurance company will not be necessary and you may instead have access to many preferred risk term life insurance companies.  

At LifeInsuranceAdvisors, we understand pre-existing conditions life insurance better than anyone! 

We understand pre-existing conditions life insurance underwriting and how to work with life insurance underwriters to obtain the most favorable life insurance rates possible for you.

Why We are the Best with Pre-existing Conditions Life Insurance:

Every life insurance company has its own set of underwriting guidelines.  We maintain a database of life insurance companies underwriting guidelines.  Some of these life insurance companies specialize in pre-existing conditions life insurance underwriting..BUT here’s the catch.

A life insurance company that specializes in pre-existing conditions life insurance may only be competitive with one type of pre-existing condition, but not be competitive at all with other pre-existing conditions.

For example – Some of our life insurance companies are specialists when it comes to prostate cancer, but may be less aggressive when underwriting individuals who have had diabetes.  We know which life insurance company to go to based on your specific pre-existing condition.

How Do We Know Pre-Existing Conditions Better than Others?

We study pre-existing conditions…Why do we do this? 

With a pre-existing condition, a life insurance underwriter is going to look at your medical history and assign a life insurance rate class and possibly a table rating or a flat extra to your policy, costing you more money….

We know what the life insurance underwriters are looking for, and how to give them your pre-existing condition information so that you get the most favorable underwriting decision possible.

We take the time to learn about your pre-existing condition, the steps you are taking to control and improve on your pre-existing condition. 

We then use this information to work with impaired risk life insurance underwriters at many of the most competitive impaired risk life insurance companies available in order to obtain the best life insurance rate that will be available to you based on your health.

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The “preferred best” rates of the life insurance world are very enticing, but are only realistic for about 10% of the population.  It is also fair to say that if you have a pre-existing condition, you will probably not be getting the preferred best rates for life insurance. 

We spend a lot of time working with individuals after they have had their time wasted by some misleading or uninformed life insurance agent.  They were quoted some term life insurance rate that they never should have been quoted due to their pre-existing condition. 

You go through 8 weeks of life insurance underwriting only to find out that you are not getting the life insurance rate you were quoted….Has this happened to you??? 

Let us help you get the best rates available based on your individual health….If we can get you a preferred rate, we will…if it is unrealistic we’ll tell you so that you don’t waste your time.

Let us help you get through the life insurance underwriting process with the best life insurance company for you.

Many life insurance agents are clueless!  That’s right, not all life insurance agents are the same.  Most have no idea how to quote you properly if you have a health issue.  They will quote you whatever term life insurance rate it takes to get your application in the door and hope you accept the higher priced policy 8 weeks later!

There is never any pressure or obligation with our life insurance service.  We’ll give you the information you need to make an informed decison about your life insurance.

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If You have health issues, it is important that we know about those health issues in order to provide you with the most accurate term life insurance quotes possible.  You will find more information here about health issues such as:

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